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Agent Orange Day - August 10th 2022


On behalf of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 126 in New York City, we hope you are safe, well, and looking forward to a great  summer.

We are requesting your participation in an important remembrance event that we hope will heighten the awareness efforts regarding Agent Orange's seriously deadly toxin exposure that was used by our military during the Vietnam War

On August 10th, from 6 pm to 8 pm, the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 126 will sponsor the second New York City Agent Orange Remembrance and Awareness Day event at the Vietnam Veterans Plaza in lower Manhattan.

This August 10th marks the 61st anniversary of the first use of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War.

At this event, we will honor those who have died or are suffering from Agent Orange-related illnesses with the dedication of a very special plaque to be installed at the New York City Vietnam Veterans Memorial Monument at 55 Water Street

Those who died in combat in the Vietnam War have their names engraved on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC and are forever memorialized. However, almost eight times that number, the 400,000 who died from Agent Orange illnesses after they came home from Vietnam do not have a monument in New York City.

Your participation is simple and straightforward. Help us by making a donating so we can create the plaque and to help with the event expenses. Come to the event and honor those we lost or are afflicted with Agent Orange caused illnesses. Give us their name and we will read out their name at the dedication ceremony. If for any reason you can not come to the event in person, send us their name for inclusion into the program and VVA126 will read their name to honor him for you. 


The goal of the Agent Orange Day event is threefold.

First, we will honor and remember those who have died or are suffering from Agent Orange-related illnesses with the special plaque unveiling ceremony.

Next, to comfort, support, and assist, those who suffering or have lost a husband, child, father, grandfather, relative, or friend to the illnesses they developed from Agent Orange. We are here to help them find some peace from their grief and sorrow.

The average person does not know what Agent Orange is. After the Vietnam War, it took our government years to recognize that there was a link between Agent Orange and its devastating health effects on our soldiers. And now with an increasing number of service members returning home from the Middle East citing illnesses, we can’t make that same tragic mistake again by failing to identify the devastating health effects associated with Burn Pits and other Airborne Hazards.


Lastly, the public and our leaders must know that the Agent Orange, Burn Pits, and other toxic Airborne Hazzard issues must be brought back to the public's attention, and more serious research must be done to combat these illnesses before they claim more veteran’s lives. We need to make sure that toxic chemicals and the use of burn pits will never be used by our military ever again.

Please respond as soon as possible. We need and look forward to your participation.

If you wish to donate to Agent Orange Day 

If you wish to particpate in person

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