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Agent Orange Day 2022

Our 8/10/22 Agent Orange Day event was a huge success.  Michelle DellaFave's singing was outstanding; the Marines color guard, rifle salute and bugler were terrific; the reading of the names was emotional; the lighting of candles was smartly done; and our guest speakers were effective.  We were all proud of producing a very meaningful event.


Michelle, there are not enough complimentary adjectives in the dictionary that could describe your singing performance.

The songs you sang reached out and touched everyone.


The Pledge of Allegence and the Star-Spangled Banner


The Invocation Fred Gasior


Chief of Staff to Carolyn Maloney Shelby Garner, spoke well and supported our cause and our event


Manhattan Deputy Boro President Keisha Sutton-James, whose father was a Vietnam War veteran, her speech was well received


Alex Angel displayed a Agent Orange plaque we designed


Our Keynote speaker, DVS Commissioner James Hendon reminded us that deadly toxins were used in every war from the Revolutionary War to the present and that we should not use them ever again. A very informative and passionate speech.

Danny Friedman VVA Chapter 72

We asked our name presenters to not just recite the names but to add their personal feelings about Agent Orange and how they feel about those they knew that have died or are suffering. It gave a lot more emotion to the reading of each name.

All those who read the names did it with passion and meaning.

Danny Friedman, Phil Milio, Fred Gasior, and Don Bak, were the highlight of the event.


Candles lined up for lighting


Candles ready to be lit as names as called


Lighting a candle for those that have passed or suffer from Agent Orange caused illnesses.


Rifle Salute




Our finale was everyone coming on stage to sing the song "Lean on Me" to signify our commitment to helping our veterans and their families with Agent Orange issues.

On behalf of VVA126 we want to thank you for your support.  Our event was made better because of : FOVVP, UWVC, WWP, S&P Global Market(Valor), NYPD Precinct 1, Marines 6th Comm. Battalion, NYC Commissioner Dept of Veteran Services James Hendon, Manhattan Deputy Boro President Keisha Sutton-James, Chief of Staff to Carolyn Maloney Shelby Garner, singer Michelle DellaFave, VVA72(Danny Friedman), Phil Milio, KAVVA (Don Bak), Fred Gasior, Mike Moreno, Dave Dana, Benny Marrero, and Monica Lacassagne.

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