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Armistice Day, also known as Remembrance Day is November 11. It marks the day World War One ended, It was at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918.


A two-minute period of silence is held worldwide on this day at 11 am to remember the people who have died in wars.

The poppy flower has a long association with this day and has become a symbol of our remembrance to the soldiers throughout the world and in all wars that lost their lives in service to their country.

Scarlet poppies grow naturally in conditions of disturbed earth throughout the world.  For centuries, the destruction brought by war has transformed the bare battlefields into fields of blood-red poppies, growing around the bodies of the fallen soldiers.

During the First World War, the fields we fought in were once again ripped open. And after the battles were over the poppy was one of the only flowers to grow on the otherwise barren battlefields.

Over the last few years, our poppy can drive has successfully provided us with funds for our veteran projects. Our members would place poppy donations cans at various business sites. Now with the virus pandemic, this is not possible. Therefore, we are coming to you via email, and other social media methods to help us.

The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 126 has been fighting for veteran causes and providing support to our veterans for over 35 years.

However, this year has been a very difficult year for our veteran community. The virus pandemic has caused our organization to cancel our entire personal fundraising activities. Vital funds for our operation and the many veteran assistance projects we support are in a crisis situation.

Our programs support wounded veterans crippled from war, homeless veterans, veterans suffering from the effects of Agent Orange and the burn pits of the middle east, veterans afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), their addiction to pain killers, substance abuse, and those suffering veterans who contemplate committing suicide as an end to their pain and misery.

In this troubling time, we desperately need your support. We rely on you, our veterans, family, friends, and our community to help us. Your contribution, large or small will go a long way to help us provide the desperately needed services to our veterans.

Your donation will change the lives of our veterans, their caregivers, and their family members.

Make our veterans dream of a healthy and fruitful life a reality.

You can make your donation in honor of someone you care about or in memory of someone special.

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You can donate by a debit or credit card on our secured link on your internet browser or smartphone

You can also donate by check and mail to;

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 126

P O Box 203

New York, NY 10010-0203


We can always be reached at 866.838-2307

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