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This picture was taken on May 7th, 1985 at first New York Vietnam Veterans Parade.  An estimated one million people crowded the "Canyon of Heroes" to greet our Vietnam Veterans


The people cheered, clapped, and threw tons of ticker tape and confetti at the estimated 25,000 marching veterans. The veterans cheered and waved back and said thank you. These spectators were hearing the voices of a lost generation. The veterans in turn were opening the eyes of a new generation to the lessons of the past. Some of them reached out to touch them. Some in the crowd wept and many of the veterans wept too. Many of the them held up "Welcome Home" signs. We were there. That day this great city opened its arms and said Welcome Home to Vietnam veterans from all across America. This day was probably one of the most emotional days of our lives.

But we at VVA 126 have been welcoming home our Vietnam veterans long before the Welcome Home signs and well before the phrase "Welcome Home" became popular. We reached out to find and help our Vietnam veterans in any way we could. We found our lost brothers and sisters at the VA hospital, homeless shelters, at work, and on the street. If you were a Vietnam vet, we want to take you into our fold and help you in any way we can.


For the last 35 years we have been helping our Vietnam vets and now we turn our attention to the veterans of our recent military conflicts in the middle east. We know what they are going through, we have been there before. We can help. 


We welcome you here.

Come take a look at what we are all about. See where we came from, what we have done, and what's in our future plans. Checkout our WALL and Walk of Honor.  See what's going on in our veterans community. Check out our links to other veterans organizations. Don't forget to read our stories, look at our photos, laugh at some of our jokes, or listen to some Nam era music. Have fun. 

If you like what you see, let's keep in touch. Leave us your email.


One last thing, you don't have to be a vet to be with us.

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