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VVA 126 invites you to join our brotherhood of fellowship and service!


The VVA provides a community of fellowship with people who share your experiences, share your needs, and share your hopes for the future.


Join us for the camaraderie, volunteer opportunities, and community service we provide.


Be as active as your time, talents, and interests allow.


For those of you that cannot join us here in New York, simply become a proud VVA 126 member, knowing your membership helps work for you and your fellow veterans.

Membership Fee

Life Time Membership - $50


To join our Chapter, first fill out and print this Membership Application,





Then send it to:

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 126

PO Box 203

New York, NY 10010-0203.

Please include a copy of your DD-214 with your VVA membership application.

Membership also includes a subscription to the award-winning newspaper, The VVA Veteran, bringing you updates on issues and legislation affecting veterans, as well as unique articles on the people, places, and history of the Vietnam experience.


Click Here to Download Application Form 

Note. You can fill out this application form and print it online. 

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